About Rin Serker

Stories have always been a great part of my life. In my mind characters come alive.

When I am cleaning, I become a servant in a medieval who is so good at her job that she gets promoted to a hawk trainer.

When I am walking, I become a sorcerer with a large deep red cloak billowing behind me. The villagers cheer after me as I hold a tidal wave at bay, keeping them safe.

When I am showering I become a shape-shifter who can be a statue under a waterfall one moment, then be a person the next. I learn all the greatest secrets of the court and end up saving the king’s life.

Even as an adult I see my imagination run wild. While I have plenty of my own stories I have come to make friends. Autumn Ryelee Faye, Kandice Walker, and many more. They have their own stories.
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Rin Serker’s Books

Autumn Ryelee Faye use to believe in her mother’s fairy tales, but after her mother’s disappearance she starts wondering if she might be crazy.
Her sanity is put in question when she meets Elm, self proclaimed tree spirit, who is desperately insisting that she is Lady Autumn, ruler of the sacred realm of the season of autumn.
Will she decided to take her place as the rightful heir of autumn? Or will the world be left in a state of perpetual summer?

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