Family Fun and Fantasy Books

Seconds are the only difference between a bicyclist’s life and a motorist’s death.

Counting the seconds at a dead stop, the ultimate decision must be made and fast: stay or go. Sit and never get that precious time back or bag patience and burn some rubber. There is no time to even think! Action is required now … that is if there is still time.

Sixty seconds is the only difference between peace and regret, freedom and imprisonment, life and death.

Autumn Ryelee Faye use to believe in her mother’s fairy tales, but after her mother’s disappearance she starts wondering if she might be crazy.
Her sanity is put in question when she meets Elm, self proclaimed tree spirit, who is desperately insisting that she is Lady Autumn, ruler of the sacred realm of the season of autumn.
Will she decided to take her place as the rightful heir of autumn? Or will the world be left in a state of perpetual summer?

When your child says, “Look, look, look”, what do you see?

When Aid Regnillord’s 3-year-old son takes up illustrating along with her, a new pressing demand fills her anxious ears. Gloomy disappointment or joyful pride are sure to result from a hesitant answer. But there is a quiet cry even more important, and not answering appropriately could have critical consequences.
When the ultimate parental response is required, will the answer be right? But more important, will the secret cry be seen and answered before it is too late.